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About Us


Our Purpose

The Hudson Project raises and distributes funds to support advanced staged cancer patients and caregivers. Examples include purchasing meals, assisting in acquiring needed medical supplies, and supporting daily needs.


Our History

Phyllis Barbara Gremillion passed away from complications of Stomach Cancer on October 22, 2014. Phyllis was a generous and giving person and the way she lived her life was an inspiration to many. During their journey with cancer, Phyllis and her husband encountered many people who did not qualify for general financial assistance, but were still struggling to make ends meet. They found people who were alone, were single parents, and many with families, all of whom were making daily decisions as to if they could purchase a meal or pay their bills from home. During their times at the cancer center, the Gremillion’s chose to regularly purchase meals and pay small bills for cancer patients and caregivers. In the memory of Phyllis, we continue to help as many people as possible so they can focus on the fight for their lives and maybe take a little bit of the worry of bills and the cost of treatment off of them. 


Our Mission

The Purpose of The Hudson Project is to raise and distribute funds to support identified Cancer Patients and/or their Caregivers. The Project targets programs that will benefit groups of Cancer Patients and/or Caregivers as well as providing spot assistance to individuals as identified by the public and approved by the Board of Directors. Such spot assistance targets everyday expense relief such as purchasing food, paying utility bills, assisting in travel expenses for treatment, or providing short-term relief in purchasing medical supplies not covered by insurance.

Even with insurance, it is expensive to fight cancer. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable to extend our mission in support of advanced staged cancer patients and caregivers

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