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Love Faith Courage Strength Hope

Love Faith Courage Strength Hope Love Faith Courage Strength Hope Love Faith Courage Strength Hope

Our Programs

Spot Assistance / Targeted Fund Raising


Spot Assistance generally targets advanced stage cancer patients,

patients with an expected long term need for treatment, or those whose personal situation and their cancer treatment causes a verifiable personal hardship.  Gifts can be targeted for general or specific needs. Examples of specific needs include short term lodging assistance for outpatient

treatment, providing assistance for utility bills, or support child or pet care required

during treatment.

Meal Programs


This program targets individuals or groups. From an individual perspective, a referred patient or caregiver may be given food cards or some other form of payment to help with the cost of meals during a special need situation. Our group program will work with a cancer center to purchase a bundle of meals. These meals are then provided free to any patient or care giver that presents themselves expecting to purchase a meal. Other occasions will provide cookies or other treats to hopefully brighten someones day. 

Gifting Blankets


When someone starts cancer treatment there is a large learning curve. Some can not afford a throw and others just haven’t learned their importance to comfort. Almost everyone that I know that went through chemotherapy eventually learned the love of having at least a snuggly light weight throw blanket or fuzzy socks. We gather and distribute these in bulk or to individuals.